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          Wiltipoll Sheep Stud Garth's Hill

        Situated in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia at Kersbrook. I raise Wiltipoll sheep, a wool shedding breed of easy care sheep. It's run more like a hobby farm where sheep have an easy life and a wide range of healthy foods to eat. The sheep are vaccinated annually. Wiltipoll sheep are placid and easy to handle, simply following us in single file from field to field as required, without suffering stress from aggressive sheep dogs or noisy trail bikes. They are called regularly down from the hills for treats of hay, fruit and vegetables, bread or grain, using a whistle or voice to call them. This gets them running pretty quickly for a good supplementary snack, and is what makes it so easy to relocate them to a fresh pasture on the property when required. They enjoy plenty of shelter & have many micro-climates to choose from, to shelter from wind, sun or rain. They are smart enough to pick the most comfortable places too, regardless of what some people commonly think about sheep! They like to rest under cool shady trees and watch the clouds drift by when the hot wind and sun's rays are too fierce. I often see them sitting in nice dry sheltered places when a shower passes over the land too.

         Wiltipoll ewes are good mothers. Wiltipoll rams are without horns and usually of a placid and gentle nature. Wiltipoll lambs are entertaining, lively and fast growing. Wiltipoll wether lambs make excellent lawnmowers, or great pets with a useful purpose in life, one that doesn't involve petrol! Wiltipolls are a great choice for the hobby farm owner who doesn't want the problems associated with keeping long woolly merino types of sheep. When  I first started, I went through the list of grazing animals like cows, alpacas, woolly sheep, goats and horses. They all had their problems, but gradually I found that the 'easy care sheep', that is, the wool shedding Wiltipoll stood out as the simplest option. When you weigh up the costs, wear on fencing, ease of looking after, non fence breaking or jumping, many will steer naturally to the Wiltipoll as I and many others did,  Honestly, that's why I chose them when I finished that long search for the most suitable animal to control the grass and help minimise the fire risk on the hills pasture. And don't they do a great job................  By using a rotational grazing method, they are also terrific for managing control and elimination of weeds as well, not to mention the health benefits to the sheep as a great side benefit. It doesn't get any better than that!

The Australian Wiltipoll Association Inc.  -  Flock 71

            Wiltipoll Sheep

    Shed their wool annually
    Require no shearing or crutching
    Require no jetting, dipping or mulesing
    Get no fly strike or grass seed problems
    Are lice resistant
    Have a high percentage of multiple births
    Have excellent mothering instincts
    Have a low percentage of body fat
    Have no horns
    Are ideal for organic lamb production

                                            A fully shed wiltipoll ram                              
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