Wiltipoll Sheep For  Sale

        Although my sheep flock is run as a hobby and definitely not a business, in order to maintain healthy flock numbers, I have to reluctantly sell off stock which are excess to requirements. I prefer them to go as pets or as breeding stock, with the hope that they can live out a long and healthy life of leisure. After all, that's what they were used to at Garth's Hill Wiltipoll Sheep Stud. A deposit is required to hold stock for a buyer, as it's bad to turn away a prospective buyer, only to find that someone you are holding a sheep for has changed their mind.

        Wiltipoll Rams for sale. They are mild mannered, but diligent in their duties. Because most small flock owners who breed sheep need far less rams than they need ewes, I find it best to usually grow ram lambs when people pre-order them and pay a deposit. Prices of rams can vary from $400 to $1,000 each

         Wiltipoll ewes for sale. Flocks consist mainly of ewes, with ratio of rams to ewes sometimes being 1 ram to30 ewes. Prices of ewes can very rarely be as low as $300 for an older one, but is usually in the range of $450 to $700 each.


          Wiltipoll wether lambs for sale. These little rascals make the greatest pets and/or lawnmowers. Unlike the old Victa lawnmower, which works great alone, these are flock animals, so usually people buy a minimum of two so that they are never short of company. Prices range from $100 to $200 each. At the moment I can let them go at the low end , providing it's to a good home.


                                   If you want more information    email :-    roger@wiltipoll.id.au